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Aviation Systems

Engineering Design Center (EDC) is one of GE Infrastructure's global engineering sites. It was established in 2000 based on an engineering alliance agreement between GE Aircraft Engines and the Warsaw Institute of Aviation. Over the eleven years of its history, EDC has evolved to working with three GE Infrastructure businesses - Aviation, Power & Water and Oil & Gas, and currently employs over 1400 people.

EDC is a complementary design center, which means that the ideas our engineers work on are implemented into currently developed designs which are later manufactured and introduced to the market. EDC overviews introduction to manufacturing and is responsible for quality of the parts made by different vendors all over the world.

The engineers working in EDC are engaged in the design and improvement of aircraft engines’ parts, turbine propulsion systems for ships and turbines for land applications (using of the so-called areoderivative gas engines as electricity generators), high-power gas turbines, steam turbines, as well as power boilers and environment protection equipment, such as filters and electrostatic precipitators. The engineers from EDC are also involved in design, analysis and servicing of such machines as compressors, turbonexpanders and gas turbines used in the petroleum and chemical industries. EDC also carries out activities related to supporting production and testing of parts and components.

Constant knowledge development this is what a great engineer has to keep in mind while working for EDC. In our center highly qualified staff is involved in career planning and training management to match people and business needs in the best of possible ways. EDC offers a broad variety of trainings and devolvement programs that include both in house and abroad assignments. Being a part of the biggest company in the world gives you a rare opportunity to participate in the best programs from both engineering and management areas.

The role of the Warsaw engineering center, which is to offer 400 jobs, is on the rise. Investment will reach PLN 200 million.

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